Hi, my name is Mark Madden, AKA bulitman22 on the Depot.  I live in
Lumberton, North Carolina.  I have been relic hunting for 20+ years.  I
have had some great opportunities to hunt CW sites from Bentonville
NC to Port Hudson La.  I have also had the great opportunity to dig over
in Europe both WW1 & WW2 sites and Waterloo(Napoleon). Digging is
not a hobby for me but a passion. I still get just as excited digging a CW
bullet as I did when I dug my first one over 20 years ago.  I have always
used the Nautilus detector and I will be using the DMC 11ba for the 2008
GNRS.  I have met some great people since joining the DEPOT.   I am
very happy to be part of the Nautilus Team and look forward to digging
and meeting everyone this year at the GNRS.
Most of you know me, but for those that do not... I go by ConfederRick on the
Depot. I have been an avid Treasure Depot fan since being on the Team Nautilus
at the 2001 GNRS. Since that hunt, I have been lucky enough to be at each N/S
hunt and GNRS in some way or capacity. I had no idea of all the great friends I
would make at these hunts, the "Treasure" of the Treasure Depot being the
friendships made. Relics are the bonus!!!

I am Medical Technologist and have been working the night shift since 1986. I
am fortunate in having a beautiful wife and daughter that share my interests in
detecting and Civil War reenacting, having been detecting since 1990 and
reenacting since 1991.

Nautilus detectors have been my main detector since 1995... Just could not find
a better relic hunting machine! We don’t need a secret strategy; we don’t need
to hype up the success of our detectors! The only thing needed is for the start
of the hunt and turn us loose!

Keith McIntyre
I am a member of the Coastal Empire History Hunters Assoc.in Savannah.
I've been attending Depot hunts for around 7 years. This will be my third
consecutive GNRS on the Nautilus team. I am looking forward to seeing
everyone again.
David Whipp
Hi, My name is David Whipp. I live in Chester, Virginia between historic
Petersburg and Richmond, the Capital. Although born and raised in
Maryland, I moved to Virginia after serving in the Army. I started relic
hunting in the late 1970s with my son who was only a pre-teen at the time
and was a very good shovel carrier. My first machine was a Metrotech and
after a few years I bought my first Nautilus. I’m on my third Nautilus and
currently have a Model DMC-IIBa that I am still learning to use. All of my
hunts have been in Virginia in the vicinity of Petersburg. Unfortunately it
is very difficult to find places to hunt anymore so I’m looking forward to
our trip in September. My first major find was a Hotchkiss projectile; I
also was lucky enough to find a Whitworth. I have several US belt
buckles, breast plates, etc in my small collection.

I am retired and live with my wife, Carolyn. We just celebrated our 43d
wedding anniversary. We have two children, a son and daughter, both
living in this area, and three grandchildren.
Chris Ivers
Home State: North Carolina

I have been digging and collecting since I was 16 years old. I started out
digging coins and quickly gravitated to military artifacts, both dug and
non-dug. As a member of the Army Reserves I have been lucky enough to
relic hunt and scavenge throughout the worlds battlefields while on
different assignments. (The Iraqi helmet in the picture was a battlefield
pickup at an engagement site in Iraq from an abandoned battlefield on the
Iran / Iraq border from my last tour of duty). But Civil War relics remain my
first relic hunting priority with colonial artifacts running a close second!
Christopher Reimann
Hi, I'm Chris Reimann, 45, from Northern Virginia. Husband, Father and
Custom Homes Superintendent. I've been a Relic Hunter since 1998. I love
the thrill of recovery - I'm proud of all of my finds. This will be my fourth
TR hunt. I can't wait to meet you all and join the 2008 Team Nautilus
Champions. We WILL dig relics!
Melvin Young
I would like to introduce myself  -- my name is Melvin Young (Mel NC). I
have been the Senior HVAC Technician at Rex Hospital for 22 years.
I have been metal detecting now for about six years. During that time I have
been involved with Triangle Relic Recovery Club. During the time I have been
in the club, I have held the Vice Presidency two years, President for two
years – looking like it is going to be three years. At this time we have
about 20 active members which gives me the opportunity to see lots of really
nice relics.
I was able to hunt the GRD in 2008. Recovered some really nice ink wells and
other relics. Without the work of Larry and his staff this would not have
happened for me. Thanks Larry and The Treasure Depot. Being on the
Nautilus Team with the lineup of guys on this Team, once again we will rule!
Larry Carver
Hey, my name is  Larry Carver from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I have
been metal detecting off and on since 1973. In the late 1980's, I visited Jerry
Tyndall( inventor of the Nautilus Metal Detector) in Coats, North Carolina
on my way to Averysborough Battlefield. Jerry asked me if I would like to
use a Nautilus down on the battlefield. I said sure! I scarcely new Jerry
through the Raleigh Club and yet he was really nice to me. A few months
later, I put in an order and Jerry made me a detector at cost since I was
an active member of the club. I went and picked it up and met his wife
Dotty. She too was just as nice as could be. I visited them again on
several different occasions and always looked forward to it. They made me
a part of the Nautilus family and I will always remember their
hospitality. On my third trip out to use the new detector, I found myself in the
deep deep woods  at Bentonville Battlefield digging my first Confederate
Buttons. I had never dug a letter button and now I had 14 Block "I's" out
of one small area. What a thrill!! I am looking forward to this years GNRS in a
part of the country I have never been to. It will be fun digging relics with my
Shannon Cripps
I am Shannon Cripps, this will be my 4th GNRS on Team Nautilus.  I have
been detecting for 15 years, 6 of them with the Nautilus.  Lived all over while
in the Navy so I have been able to dig in some unique places. Currently in
Illinois outside of St. Louis, Missouri  digging the few relics guys wore
home.  Can't wait to see old friends this fall and make new friends.
Dave Batalo
Hi, my name is Dave Batalo.  I live in Richmond, Va. and have been
searching for Civil War Relics since 1975.  Some of my better finds
include a Richmond Grays breastplate, 4 CS tongues, a CS Rains hand
grenade, numerous CS buttons and lots of artillery shells.  I am a charter
member of the Central Virginia Civil War Collectors Association, which
was founded in 1980.  I can't remember how many Nautilus detectors
that I have owned over the years, but my first one was a 5 button MF (for
you old timers out there!).  I have participated in a couple of
North-South hunts, but this will be my first GNRS.  I am really looking
forward to meeting the team and hopefully helping us to finish #1.
I'm Tommy Baker from Four Oaks NC.  I have a 7 month old baby named
Emma Claire. I'm  getting married on December 13, 2008. My favorite
things to do is metal detect, play horseshoes and ride my motorcycle
Tommy Baker
My name is Shelly Simpson and this is a short Bio.  I have lived in
Fernandina Beach married to my wife Wanda for 31 years. I have 4 grown
children and 4 grandchildren.  I have worked at Bayer Cropscience in
Woodbine , Ga. as a lab techician and EMT.  I also have owned and
operated Bugman Exterminators in Fernandina for 28 years also.  I
graduated from the University of Gerogia in 1971.  I have been President of
the Historical Recovery Assoc. of North Florida in Jacksonville, Fla. for 14
years.  About 8 of our members scattered all over the US hunt on the
Depot. I know that no other detector gets the depth of the Nautilus 2Ba.  I
have been on all the Depot GRD camping trips and enjoyed every one.  I
have been on most of the GNRS and NS hunts in the last 6 years.  I look
forward to my first hunt in South Carolina especially because this is where
my ancestors lived.
Shelly Simpson
Barry Jett
This is my first GNRS, so I am excited about participating with Team
Nautilus. I post on TD as local digger and currently live on a empty
horse farm in Beaverdam Va with my tolerant wife Nancy of 33 years.
My two daughters finally moved out a few years ago and took their
darn horses with them so I now have more time to spend on my
favorite hobby.

Growing up near the camps and battlefields around Fredericksburg
and  Spotsylvania County provided a fortunate opportunity to enjoy
eyeballing and digging relics since the late 1950's. I have tried several
different detectors over the years, some that that no longer exist (has
anyone else used a Detectron?), but settled on the Nautilus brand
many years ago and have had very results with their products.

I look forward to meeting the other GNRS participants and will do my
best to help Team Nautilus.

44 yrs old Live in Prince George VA. I have been relic hunting for over
16 years with the same nauty. My best find is an 1821 rifleman's
button. I have lots of cannon ball frags, bullets, and some good
coins. Looking forward to the hunt. Team Nautilus Rules.
Wes Martin
I enjoy all aspects of this hobby; coin shooting, relic hunting, bottle
digging, hut digging.  If it involves digging for old stuff, count me in.  
I got into CW relic hunting in the 90's when I moved to Virginia and
really became hooked when research on my ancestors revealed that
there were several who served in Virginia militia and cavalry units
during the war giving me a much more personal connection to my
finds.  This will be my 7th organized hunt.  I will be using a DMC-IIB
with another DMC-IIB for a backup.  Go Nautilus!!!
Brian Fisher
Hi,  I'm Jeff Hines, 49, currently living in Arlington Virginia.  Originally from
Virginia's Shenandoah Valley area, have lived and relic hunted in the
Fredericksburg/Stafford area, as well as the Manassas/Centreville area. I'm
currently concentrating on new areas in the Shenandoah Valley. I started relic
hunting in 1977 when I was living in the Manassas area.  I've participated in
many GNRS hunts as well as the NS hunts. My detector of choice for relic
diggin is - what else - Nautilus (DMCIIBa).  I'm really looking forward to the
next hunt - it's going to be a great bunch of guys to go diggin with.
Jeff Hines
Hi, I'm Tim Gibbs from Sanford, NC. This is my second GNRS. I have been
metal detecting for 10-12 years now and am anticipating this year's hunt. I
hunt civil war / rev war / old home sites. We have a great team and I look
forward to meeting everyone.
Team Captain Tim Gibbs
I live in Tallahassee Florida, married with 2 children, daughter Caitlin
19, son Stephen 15, wife Gingy. I am Wormkiller Canadian by birth,
moved here in 1968.  I Have been dirt hunting since 1975. I have been
on 13 of Larrys hunts and all have been an adventure. Some hot, a
couple cold and several wet but all great.  Have met many great
people on these hunts and the Depot website that l now consider
some of my best friends in life. See y'all in Janauary
Paul Sampson
Mark Madden